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Bahia Suites is sometimes known as the Edificio (Building) of Armando Federico...and I believe he was, perhaps, an official in Zihua govnt. who built it. If you tell a taxi driver you're going to the building of Armando Federico, they all know exactly where it is. In answer to other questions posed by other readers, yes, there are a LOT of stairs from the condo to the beach. For folks who have problems with stairs, this might not be the best for you. It takes only minutes to walk to town via the "andeador", walkway which is safe and scenic. If you want to see the web-site, just go on "Google" or other search engine and type in "Amor del Sol Zihuatanejo" and it will pop up. As to the locat1on of the Bahia you know the beach restaurant/bar "M.J.and Richie's"? It's located above that and slightly to the south of their locat1on. I would say that from the very middle of La Madera Beach, it is located slightly to the north (that is the "town side") of the middle of the beach. If anyone has any particular questions you'd like to ask me, you can go to my "blog" site which I use to publicize my books and enter a message for me there:

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