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Escrito por PAUL desde ( el día viernes, 10 de agosto, 2007 a las 09:57:51 horas :

En respuesta a: Re: CRUISE SHIPS escrito por Phil in Toronto desde ( el día viernes, 10 de agosto, 2007 a las 00:17:32 horas :

In the winter season of 1998/1999, Apple Vacations leased a small Greek ship to do the Mexican Riviera. The cruise started and returned to POV. Never for get sailing down the coast after dinner and seeing the lights on the shore in the far distance not realizing that they were from the hotels in Ixtapa. When we stopped in "Z", we did the country tour and then the beach area past the airport.
The following Jan we stayed at "The Dorado" and loved it.
We bought a time share at Pacifica and now come down 1 to 2 times a year.
What we found with the cruise ships and visiting ports, we
have an idea if we would like to go back for a visit.
Yes, most cruisers only do cruises because of being able to visit different places. There are a few looking for someplace to spend a period of time at.
It would be interesting to know of the % who return to a place they visited.

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