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Escrito por Phil in Toronto desde ( el día jueves, 09 de agosto, 2007 a las 14:56:37 horas :

En respuesta a: Re: Some 'splaining to do escrito por ZihuaRob desde ( el día jueves, 09 de agosto, 2007 a las 14:11:29 horas :

Rob, Thanks for your thoughtful response. It just galls me to know something as simple as the placement of waste receptacles cannot be acheived. That old saying about knowing where your "bread is buttered" can't carry much weight when people don't know what their bread is. I just hope that different approaches, don't deter from the common goal. When, in your estimation ,will we the pier opponents be able to find out more about these faceless proponents and their greed driven plans? I am beginning to see more and more why the state is so aptly named. I simply want to do the right thing and knowing that knowledge is power, obtain the needed resources i.e. information for this and future battles in the land of Guerrero. Again,thanks for your efforts and Godspeed .

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