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After much delay, I have overcome my inertia and have made the commitment to submit this trip report. I am doing so in partial repayment to the many trip reports on both boards that have heightened my enjoyment and appreciation of Zihuatanejo. I trust that this information will help some other travelers to more fully enjoy this wonderful area.

My wife and I were in Zihuatanejo from May 19 to June 2 of this year. This was our fourth trip.

Lodging: We stayed at Club Intrawest on LaRopa. This is a beautiful facility. Although it is expensive, I believe it combines the best of having magnificent views with a beautiful beach area. I have had considerable experience with Intrawest as I am a frequent skier at their flagship resort, Whistler/Blackcomb. I have always found Intrawest to be a socially responsible and ecologically friendly company.

Activities: When we were in Zihua there was an ongoing red tide. We had planned on several days of scuba diving. We have found Thierry at Carlo Scuba to be an excellent guide and dive master. We made attempts to dive on two separate days. We made only one dive and even then the visibility was poor. Thierry took us to every dive locat1on in the area in search of more clear water. Unfortunately the red tide was present everywhere. To Thierry’s credit, he did not have us attempt a dive unless he believed the water was clear enough. On the one day we did not dive, he insisted that we could not pay him. This was in spite of the fact that we spent several hours in his boat trying to find a dive spot. He finally agreed that we could give some money to the local man who was piloting his dive boat. I recommend Thierry highly for those interested in scuba diving in Zihua. We also went snorkeling with Hector Olea. Hector is a colorful individual and definitely worth hiring as a snorkeling guide.

Based upon a trip report recommendation, we spent a day hiking in the Troncones area. We went with Alejandro Rodriquez. He is starting a touring company, Costa Nativa Ecotours, which offers hiking and kayaking in the Trocones area. The email address is He took us on a hike in the lower Sierra Madera. We left from Troncones in his truck and traveled a fair distance into the countryside. We went through small villages where the locals raised cattle. The hike was through the forest and ended at a stream fed pool where we could swim. We hiked during the very end of the dry season when there was little green vegetation and fewer animals. We would like to do the hike again after the rainy season in our fall or winter. Alejandro was an informative and charming guide. We gained a much better understanding of the lifestyle of local farmers. Alejandro seems committed to educating both locals and tourists on the need for ecologically sound practices in rural areas.

Just by chance we selected a taxi driver to take us to Troncones. His name was Rafael B. We developed a relationship with Rafael and had him take us to Petlalan and Barra de Potosi. Rafael is the brother of the mayor of Zihuatanejo. Rafael seemed to derive great pleasure in showing us the local area. He has lived in Zihuatanejo his entire life and seemed to know everyone. He is proud of his brother and proud of the town. Rafael accompanied us shopping at the Bodega and told us about his favorite restaurants. He stated that his favorite part of being a taxi driver was showing visitors the sights of the areas. Rafael invited us to his home to meet his family, including an infant son, as well as showing us the office of the taxi company. I recommend him if you want to have a taxi driver show you the sights. He speaks good understandable English. I would be happy to provide his telephone number and email address.

Food (dinner):
De Donde Eres. This has become our favorite restaurant. The restaurant is a modest and unimposing storefront on Calle Adelita. Every evening the owners write the three choices for entrees on a blackboard that can be seen from the street. The entrees are extremely varied but always delicious. The restaurant is operated by a husband, Shunik, from Fiji and his wife, Sabrina, from Italy. They have two young children who often are playing nearby. Sabrina is the most charming and gracious hostess imaginable. She alone would make any restaurant a success. I believe this restaurant is a must stop for every visitor to Zihua. Surprisingly, it is not listed in the restaurant pages of either board.
Don Memos. This restaurant serves good Italian food at the most reasonable prices. On our visit in May, we had two appetizers, two entrees and four Negro Mondelos for a grand total of about 200 pesos.
We also had excellent dinners at Chendos, LaGula, Coconuts, El Mediterraneo, Tamales Y Atoles Any, Ricomar and Casa Vieja. We believe that all of the above restaurants are worthy of a visit. We usually eat at Rufo’s Grill which also is excellent. It was closed during our visit although we saw Rufo and he stated he would be reopening.
(Breakfast). Margaritas has an excellent breakfast. We usually eat there several times. Our experience with dinner there was not as positive. We also enjoy breakfasts at MJ and Ritchies. This time we ate breakfast at 100% Natural. They have wonderful juices as well as very large servings. Casa Café was closed during our visit.

We continue to enjoy Zihuatanejo and plan to return often in the future. Our thanks to both boards for providing timely and useful information about Zihuatanejo that increases the enjoyment of visiting tourists.

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