Trip Report-April 29-May 8

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Returned last week from a quick trip driving down the coast from Manzanillo-Zihua-Manzanillo-Guadalajara.

We flew Alaska Air from Bellingham to SEA-LAX-Manzanillo, arriving on time around 4 PM. Cab to the pink Hotel La Posada located on Las Brisas beach in Manzanillo was about $35.00 US. Stayed two nights at the great small La Posada for $63.00 per night for a comfortable room w/king bed and air conditioning including breakfast. Took the local bus to Manzanillo proper for lunch at the market for $80.00 pesos for two. Bus was 5 pesos pe person. Dinners were at La Huerta and Portofino which were both about $250 pesos for two including drinks for very good food.

We rented a car from Hertz and headed down the coast on Tuesday, making it to San Juan de Alima for lunch at the Parador hotel/restaurant for one of the best shrimp cocktails ever. $180 pesos including two beers. Then it was off to Caleta de Campos where we enjoyed the hospitality at Parador Turistica Villas located just north of town with great rooms with a fantastic view for $75.00 per night. Dinner was at the hotel across from the Pemex just north of town. Excellent food for $225 pesos including drinks, plus tip.

Off the next morning to Zihua for two nights at the always fantastic and friendly Casa Kau-Kan on Playa Larga. It's kind of like arriving home when you're met by such a friendly staff.

After chilling at KAu-Kan for two days we headed back up the coast towards Caleta de Campos, stopping at Playa Azul to check the town out. Another night in Parador Turistica Villas and checked out the other hotels in town. They are, Hotel Yuritzi, Los Arcos and a new one called Dayz Hotel, which looks quite nice. Lunch was at the enramada Laura's on the beach while enjoying the surfers in action.

Off the next morning along the twisting highway towards Manzanillo with a lunch stop again in San Juan de Alima. We spent the night at Cuyutlan which is located about 25 miles south of Manzanillo on the beach. Staying at the Hotel Fenix where the rooms start at $100 pesos per person per night and go up to $500 pesos per night for the upstairs rooms with air conditioning. The hotel is quite old but acceptable and the beach is black sand and covered from one end to the other with enramadas as is Playa Azul.

The next morning found us visiting Colima for the day and that is a city which I would definitely recommend spending at least two or three days in. It really has some beautiful architecture and town squares. A short visit to Comala and then drove back to Manzanillo to return the car and spend another night at La Posada.

The next morning we boarded the first class bus ETN to Guadalajara (booked online tickets with reserved seats for $56.oo US prior to leaving the U.S.) and arrived in Guadalajara at 1:30 PM. Cabbed it to the beautiful small boutique B&B named Quinta Don Jose located in Tlaquepaque(sp) to spend the night. Cost around $85.00 U.S. plus $20.00 for a 5 AM ride to the airport the next morning. Dinner at Casa Vieja for $250 pesos for an excellent meal.

Departed GDL at 7 AM via Alaska 281 to LAX, then on to SEA-and finally Bellingham, arriving at 4:45 PM.

All in all, a nice trip with a bit too much driving but did learn what " curva Peligrosa " means along the coastal highway. It is a very curvy road between San Juan de Alima and Playa Azul so be forewarned if you drive there. We were a bit disappointed you couldn't see more of the coast line as you drive because the road is located about 1/4 to 1/2 mile off the beach most of the way.

Recommendations-Manzanillo-Hotel La Posada and Portofino restaurant.
Quinta Don Jose in Tlaquepaque and a visit to Colima wouldn't be bad either.

Places to miss-Playa Azul, Lazaro Cardenas and Cuyutlan.

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