Mexican Observations in no order

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Escrito por El Tacaño desde ( el día viernes, 20 de abril, 2007 a las 12:17:26 horas :

1. Prices in Cafés have stabilized or actually come down a bit.
2. Pozole Alley & Don Memos are still the best bargains in town.
3. LadyM's Chinese choice is a great change of diet
4. Chendo's is the Best new Find,
5. MJ's suffers a bit without Martin but still is the best place to spend the day at the beach. The # 7 is still the best breakfast in town.
6. Roberto's Galleria is a nice spot to stay for a few nights with his artistic touch in the basic rooms.
7. Nothing more pleasant than watching the loving Mexican families Enjoy THEIR Beaches during Semana Santa.
8. Morelia is a most charming city filled with friendly people.
9. Never get your expectations TOO high when visiting a well reviewed Cafe. You will almost always be disappointed.
10. Zihua people seem to get nicer Y more guapo each year.
11. Bus travel is the best travel
12. In Michoacan order the Steamed Trout
13. At Chendo's get the Shrimp stuffed Fillet & The Coconut Shrimp
14.Patzcuaro is still my favorite Mountain city
15. Can US Customs/immigration get anymore polite? Both a breeze!
16. I refuse to let one crooked cab driver change my feelings about all the good ones.
17. It's a crime that the snack bar at the restaurant was forced out.
18. The Security People at the Zihua Airport are the nicest ever.
19. I am blessed with so many great Amigos/Amigas
20. AA is Alive & well in Zihuatanejo
21. A hidden gem is The 7 Mar Economical in Ixtapa
22. Cleanest Restrooms in Zihua at The Nuevo Zealand
23. Rossy's still the best spot on La Ropa
24. Zihua is a lot better with my Linda
25. I'm ready to return!

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