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Escrito por AuburnWAx4 desde (c-67-171-53-66.hsd1.wa.comcast.net) el día lunes, 16 de abril, 2007 a las 11:33:39 horas :

9 days was not enough! Home to the dreary Pac NW and back to the reality of life without the sand, surf and sun! We experienced the best holiday ever! Staying away from the big resorts of Ixtapa ( ok, we did have a nice condo 1/2 block from La Ropa) and experiencing Zihua with the locals was fabulous! We refused to pay ridiculous prices for sitting under a palapa and instead chose to pay $60pesos for an umbrella , 4 chairs and mingle with the Mexican families. Earthquakes, giant surf, great food and WONDERFUL, GENUINE, FRIENDLY people are what made this a great trip. Don't let the Police presence scare you off. The guns are big, the bullets real but so are the men and woman carrying them and they will answer your questions very kindly. We mastered the buses as well as the grocery store and maybe I am a bit naive but walking around town was pleasant, we never experienced any problems. Be al3rt, make eye contact, smile and don't carry anything with you that you cannot replace.

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