Trip Report Day 1 and 2

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Escrito por Sean O'D desde ( el día jueves, 29 de marzo, 2007 a las 18:56:11 horas :

I just wanted to say thank you very much for all the info on this board. I don't know who to thank specifically other than Rob but everyone's info was spectacular. I read everyday for 2 months. I just returned yesterday back to Denver and woke up to snow this morning...

I hope you enjoy my experience from someone in their mid 20's. I was not going to write anything at all but felt it was essential due to the how much I gained.

Day 1 (Wed)
Arrived from Denver no problem through C&I and were greeted by the reason we were going to Zihua in the first place...our friends wedding. I traveled with 14 others around my age. I was older by 2 years than most (I'm 26) and a lot of family of the bride and groom. We got a couple suburbans and after a quick stop at Comercial Mexicana headed to our villa La Perla Del Mar (On the very south end of La Ropa up the path past Hotel Don Fransisco) Met Fransisco at La Perla and had dinner there as well pretty good but we were more focused on drinks and they were great! Everyone except myself and my girlfriend wanted to go to Ixtapa but we jumped on the bandwagon and went to Carlos and Charlie's. (side note: I did not come to Zih to go to places like this but had to compromise to keep group dynamics healthy!! would not be the first time!) Fun night though but could not wait to experience the rest of the trip.

Day 2 (Thurs)
Woke up and headed to Rossy's for breakfast found out that a Miami Vice (1/2 Daiquiri 1/2 Pina Colada) was the best drink there even if it was before noon!! We all spent the day at the beach right in front of Rossy's and had a great time.

A person in our group did bring down a boombox for music which we asked our waiter if it was OK he said of course! We thought it was a reasonable volume but a lady came up to me and asked to turn down...I did and apologized thinking we were the people everyone dreaded being as out age set seemed 10-20 yrs younger. No sooner had I turned it down that the crowd a Rossy's objected and asked for it to be turned back up. With a quick glance at the lady she shrugged and I turned it back on.

After that we made quick friends with all around us including a two couples from MN that had met on the plane down. Hopefully they read this because we had a great day with them!!

Made dinner at the villa and just hung out on the huge patio overlooking the bay and off to Ixtapa again this time, Senor Frogs...Has its place but just not my scene anymore. Uneventful and hopefully the rest of the trip would be spent in Zihua

Day 3 (Fri)
Woke up to find one of our people in our group was in a taxi that had been pulled over on the way from Ixtapa to Z and had to pay 200 pesos to get out of whatever mess he was in. He was by himself (other than the driver) I have a saying that I try to live by...."Beyond babies being born nothing good happens at 3am in the morning." It's meant to be funny but I believe its pretty true.

Ate at Elvira's on La Ropa it was great! Took it easy throughout the day hung at pool/patio. The brides parents sponsored a Sunset Cruise on the "Dancer" that night and it was a blast. Got some good pictures and got to see Ixtapa and Zihua from other angles. It ended around 7 or 8 (no watch with me on purpose!) Walked through Zihua and came across Bandidos and ate there Enrique was a blast and managed to dance with three of the girls in our group...he speaks better English than me and that helps him in persuading his dancing partners! I didn't eat myself but tried everyones and the general feeling was it was good. Instead I ate 2 hot dogs from the vendor in front of Bandidos and found they may rival the hamburgers I would have a couple days later. Ended up walking around for an hour after dinner and came across Pizza Loco. Stopped in with five others who hadn't eaten and wanted something simple, they said it was good but I'm from New York originally so good luck with better pizza! Ended the night on the patio asleep in the hammock next day was the wedding so we turned it in early.

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