My trip 3/02 - 3/07: Lots of Dining details PART ONE

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Escrito por The G-Force desde ( el día jueves, 08 de marzo, 2007 a las 12:38:40 horas :

Just got back from my first trip to ZIHUA in 8 years. I went alone and planned the trip at the last minute. I had a great, albeit short trip. I'll start with some some general observations on my trip:
I was disappointed that the average age of the tourists is probably about 55. I am 35 from NYC and rarely saw anyone in my age group. It is what it is...
El Centro - hasn't changed that much IMO. Was disappointed to see a lot of the same type of old, overweight, sloppy drunk, leathery gringos at Rick's and the $1 beer places. The presence of a cruise ship didn't help this much. Paseo del Pescador has some lovely new dining places though.
La Ropa - beach itself hasn't changed and is still lovely and not overpopulated. The crowds at the far end of the beach with La Rossy and the RV park El Manglar was decidedly um, how do i put it, 'downscale' vs. the other end of the beach near Intrawest and La Casa que Canta. (Which makes sense of course) There are a lot of great, stylish places on the other, non-beach side of the carretera, up in the hills. I am a runner and ran up the hill all the way to El Amuleto and couldn't believe the construction that was going on up there! (El Cerro de Vigia for example) I heard from a taxista that the highway they are building will be another way to the airport.

I basically hung out at La Perla every day drinking great mango and papaya margaritas. I ate their tiritas and guacamole - both were great. I also bought homemade sweets and fruits from the vendors on the beach and loved both.
Paty's - had breakfast there one day. Chilaquiles which were not very good, nor was the coffee. They have a 2 for one happy hour from 5 - 7 which i tried once. Good value.
Elvira's - had a caesar salad and campechana which were both pretty bad. The cesar was a few romaine leaves with bottled dressing. The campechana - the seafood itself was good and fresh but it was drowned in a nasty, jarred red, tomato sauce and was gelatinous and processed. A disappointment considering the AMAZING version I ordered the night before at La Sirena Gorda (more on this....)
Villas del Sol. Had a very good, proper meal there. Started with a good martini at the bar then moved over to the restaurant. Good quality food. Had crepes with elote, huitlacoche, and flor de calabaza. Followed by filet mignon. Nice meal. Decent wine list. Came to about $100, not including the drink (this was for one, but I also ordered a bottle of wine and took the rest back to my hotel)
Zihua Blue. Stopped here for a drink and it is a very stylish, charming, enchanting place. Outdoor beds and sofas for lounging and drinking. Screen played surfing videos. Had a herradura and sangrita and enjoyed the view and stars. Took a look at the menu and was thinking of dining there - spectacular menu - but chose Villa del Sol instead.

DINING: El Centro; Dining: Ixtapa; Hotel 5 Sentidos
COMING UP IN PART 2 (and Maybe 3)!

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