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Escrito por PC desde ( el día martes, 06 de marzo, 2007 a las 17:23:49 horas :

We just returned from a wonderful vacation to Zihua, but felt compelled to post a review of Casa Tucanes which is where we stayed. Essentially, Casa Tucanes is a completely adequate, sub-par lodging option. We felt it was misrepresented to us. My brother's family and my family rented 2 "villas" for 8 days and it was very much oversold to us. For example, the "fully-stocked" kitchen with service for 6 only had 3 forks, no knife, one pot (no lid), 2 bowls, etc. The room was supposed to have fresh linens daily, which translates to 2 grubby towels and sheets which were changed twice the 8 days we were there. Additionally, the 3 "villas" which are in one building, did not have water if one other unit was taking a shower. Most of all, the proprietor, Rosa, seemed very distrustful. For example we paid her 550 pesos for an "orientation". she "forgot" the orientation and only reimbursed us 500 pesos after much badgering. she also double booked a villa and gave my brother a villa that he did not reserve of feel comfortable with. (The first floor villa is not secure - no locking windows and very open, lots of concern over theft). We felt like she was only after "rich tourist" money. There was no pride of ownership or hospitality at Casa Tucanes. Casa Tucanes is also right in back of a highway, which is VERY loud. Overall, Casa Tucanes is a fairly sub-par economical accommodation. Rosa's hired help were kind enough, but do not expect any support while staying at Casa Tucanes. Nor will Rosa be accessible or offer any assistance (despite all the arrangements they claim they can make on the website). You will need to do all your own self discovery and ask for help on your own from other people that you meet or at other hotels and restaurants. Although the locat1on was good, I would not stay here again and feel that in Zihua there are many charming hospitable places to stay.

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