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I did my classroom work and pool dives for the Open Water Certification in Kansas City, so I took referal paperwork down with me. I finished my certifications with Ixtapa Aqua Paradise:
I met them for a check out pool session at their offices in the Hotel Barcelo in Ixtapa, and then was able to go to the the shop in Zihua and meet the dive boat on the pier there.

I dove twice at Islas Blancas, out off the coast in front of the Ixtapa hotels, and twice at Caleta del Chon, right around the southern tip of the Zihuatanejo bay. Islas Blancas had a more interesting reef, including a natural archway to swim through. The visibility was better at Caleta del Chon. From the boat you could see the bottom 30 feet down very clearly. We saw lots of small rays. We could be skimming along what looked like bare sand bottom, and someone would flick the sand and 40 or 50 rays would come to life. Lots of other fish, seahorses, starfish, sea urchins, eels, puffer fish.

I've never gone diving anywhere else, so I can't compare it. I would do it next time if you have the chance, for sure. I would have done more dives but I ran out of time before I had to fly home. I would absolutely dive with Aqua Paradise again.

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