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Escrito por Jen desde (?) el día lunes, 05 de marzo, 2007 a las 11:04:44 horas :

Hello everyone, and first let me say thanks for all the great information and discussion on this board! I've been lurking here reading for over a year. I used this and the main site to plan a 10 day trip to Zihuatanejo that just came and went far too quickly. I left a peice of myself there - can't wait to go back.

I am from Kansas City, and prior to last fall spoke no Spanish. This was my first trip to Mexico. When I started planning this trip I enrolled in a conversational Spanish class at a local college, which helped me to get by. 10 days certainly improved my communication skills!

I stayed in a small one bedroom apartment in downtown (Hotel Valle), about 1/4 mile from the east end of Playa Municipal. I very much enjoyed having a kitchen, and it was wonderful to walk to the Mercado in the morning and purchase supplies for breakfast. All the vendors were very freindly, and many times we both would make an effort to communicate past the language barrier. I learned many words and phrases with each transaction. Before I return, I take more courses in Spanish.

I found many good little restaurants by simply looking for the places that were crowded with locals. I started the trip eating familiar tex-mex type food and drinking pina coladas, and ended eating much more authentic dishes washed down with Negro Modelo. Even though I didn't have the budget for much fine dining (went to Coconuts once), I will miss the food.

Zihua was a place I immediately felt at home, despite the culture and language differences. The rythymn of life there is comfortable. When I came home, my freinds and family were very impressed with how I had dove right in to a foreign culture, but I never felt that while I was there. I just felt like I was someplace I should have been travelling to my whole life.

So now I am home, sunburnt, wearing silver jewely, and a certified open water SCUBA diver. I met a woman who bartend's at Rick's who was from Canada. She had come for vacation and never left. I was sorely tempted. I will join the ranks of people who long for Zihua from afar.

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