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I'll take a stab at trying to answer a few of your questions --- we drove a similar route in 2004.

I'm doing this from memory -- all my notes and digital pictures are on another computer which is in storage while we are doing some house renovations...


1) Should not be a problem to get to Guaymas -- left Nogales at 11:30 AM, got all our paperwork done at KM 21 -- took about an hour -- then we drove to San Carlos (near Guaymas) arrived around 5:30 PM -- stayed at Creston Motel (450 pesos).

2) We stayed on the toll road for most of the way during our trip, nevertheless, getting to Mazatlan will be a good 10/11 hour drive. We broke up that portion by going to El Fuerte. Culiacan or Los Mochis might be worth an overnight stop.

3) We drove from Mazatlan to Rincon de Guayabitos -- left Mazatlan around 8:30 AM arrived RdG by 3 PM -- Puerto Vallarta is about another hour and a half -- we stayed in Bucerias rather than PV.
We continued on to Melaque from Bucerias on # 200. Left Bucerias at 7:45 AM arrived Melaque around noon. There may have been an hours time change during this leg of the trip.
Melaque to Zihua via # 200 -- left around 7 AM -- arrived at the Catalina in Zihua by 4 PM.

4)Culiacan - Mazatlan - Tepic - Guadalajara is do-able in one day. Took us (on the return trip) about 11 hours (again I believe there is a time change during that stretch of the drive).
Guadalajara to Zihua is an easy run, if you toll it all the way via 15B to Morelia, then # 37 to Zihua.

We never reserved any motels along the way -- if we saw something we liked around the time we were ready to stop or were getting weary we would just pull in. On our next trip, I would definitely stay in the "No tell Motels" -- the type we experienced in Guadalajara (see article in Roberto! 2004) -- I spotted more along the way back and wouldn't hesitate to stay in them, but Wynn isn't so sure she likes the idea.

For more information (and some pictures), please access the link below and read Roberto! 2004.

If you have any more questions, just post them on the board and I'll try and answer.


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