Nogales to Zihuatanejo Experience

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Escrito por Ernie Gorrie desde ( el día domingo, 18 de febrero, 2007 a las 19:19:23 horas :

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I've done the drive from Nogales to Zihuatanejo a couple of times with two similar routes.

Both times we left Nogales around 7:00 AM and went as far as Culiacan arriving around 5:00 PM, so Guaymas should be easy in a day.

On one trip, our second day was Culiacan to Tequila, the other time we went as far as Guadalaraja. Both times we left Culiacan around 6:30 AM. We were in Tequila around 1:30 and GDL around 3:00. Guaymas to Manzanillo should be an reasonable day drive.

When we went to Guadalajara, we did a short trip down to Tecoman, around 3.5 hours. The next day we left Tecoman around 6:30 and arrive in Zihuatanejo in mid afternoon. On our return we left Troncones around 5:30 or 6:00 AM and arrived in PV around 5:00 PM. I didn't mind that trip, but I would not drive PV to ZIH in one day. The portion of Hwy 200 between Caleta de Campos and Lazaro Cardenas is very winding and narrow with no shoulders. There almost always a cliff face to the east and almost always a cliff drop to the west. You don't want to feel pressed for time.

Once you get through that portion, the road from Lazaro Cardenas to just north of Zihuatanejo is not in the best repair. It is a lot better than it was 10 years ago, but there are better choices than driving that in the dark.

I prefer the route we took the second time, which is even better now. We stayed in Tequila, enjoyed shopping in some of the scores (?) or hundreds (?) of tequila shops, then took the Guadalajara periferico and off to Morelia. We then did the Morelia periferico, through the Patzcuaro area and down the cuota to Feliciano (just south of Lazaro).

This drive was more relaxing on highways that were much better. If we do the drive again, as I am hoping to do, I'll take this route again.

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