Driving down from Nogales questions--

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We are driving down next Jan. Please feel free to reply to post on a part or all, just reference the item #.

Item 1. Is it reasonable to assume we can leave Tucson at 9 a.m. and get thru customs and down to Guaymas by 5 p.m.?

If not, what time should we plan on arriving at customs?

Item 2. We plan to stay on MEX 15 from Guaymas to Matzatlan. Is this a reasonable drive in one day?

Item 3. Then from Matzatlan, still on MEX 15 and turn off on MEX 200 at Tepic to get to Puerto Vallerta. Is this reasonable for one day? Assuming this is a good route then stay on MEX 200 to Zihua staying one night in the Manzanillo area OR is a straight shot to Zihua from Puerto Vallerta to Zihua in one day reasonable?

Item 4. Assume we stay on MEX 15 at Tepic then we take the bypass around Guadalajara and turn off onto the new "tollway" a few miles north of Morelia and then down to intersect 200 near Larzo Cardenas. Where is the recommenation to stay overnight to break this into two days?

General question for the whole trip: Given the above itinerary is there anyway to get firm motel reservations at motels that are on the route so we don't have to go searching for them? We assume there are motels near the population centers all along the route. Note: We are traveling with a small dog, any problems with this?

Any referenced to good travel guides for this trip appreciated.

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