Trip Report 1/20/2007-1/27/2007

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Escrito por Zihua Fan desde ( el día domingo, 28 de enero, 2007 a las 10:31:45 horas :

Arrived from Colorado, zipped through Immigration with the green light, into a taxi, checked into our hotel and enjoying our first cold one by 3:00pm. Our first impression this year (this was our third year), was that it was cooler; less humid, and less crowded than previous years.

Casa Don Francisco is a beautiful boutique hotel with lush foliage and beautiful views. It has a stunning lobby and infinity pool that was kept impeccably clean. Service was perfect, much understated but extremely accommodating. We had a champagne bucket with ice delivered to our room every day at 4:00pm. We were up very early one morning before Erica or Miriam arrived and the night watchman fixed coffee and brought it up to our room. We stayed on the third level in El Ostion it was spacious, with large windows that opened onto the bay and a deck with a beautiful hammock and a drop dead view of La Ropa. All this being said the big drawback to this hotel were the barking dogs. Yes, I know this is Mexico but for the price we paid we were seeking tranquility and quiet and we did not get this. We did have one night that we could leave the windows open and hear the surf, but every other night we closed everything, turned the fan on high and put in our earplugs. If they can get this barking dog problem under control they will have a first class boutique hotel.

Kau Kan was outstanding and well worth the price; service was impeccable, view was outstanding, and the food was delicious. Puerta del Sol was another great meal (table side Caesar salad was incredible) with a great view, great service, and very fresh seafood. La Gaviota does not seem to be written up much, but we found it to be a very enjoyable place for dinner with the waves almost at your table. We were disappointed in Rossyís and La Escollera (bacon wrapped tuna was excellent), but the service was sub-par and would not return.

It was great to see so many people of all ages walking the beach in the morning, what a beautiful way to start a day in paradise. La Ropa did not seem to be as well groomed and clean as previous years, but still a stunning beach. Spent a day on Las Gatas at Otilios with Franco, his Coconut shrimp was the best and he kept our bucket filled with cold beer.

Donít miss a massage on La Ropa in front of Villa Mexicana for $20.00 it was heaven. We took buses this year rather than taxi downtown. Casa Tequila was a great place to buy authentic Cuban Cigars. Zihuatanejo is magical with its lovely people, its natural beauty, and its diversity.

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