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Escrito por allen desde (?) el día jueves, 21 de diciembre, 2006 a las 21:04:10 horas :

Just returned from a wonderful 15 days in Zihua. I saw many small changes but things were generally pretty much the same.
The gringo clientele at the Jungel bar has been generally ursurped by the new bar Zorro's. The Barracuda II has a live band most nights. Bandito's still has live music and the highest prices. Went to Paccalo's and caught Eric Reed several nights. He is playing less of the traditional brazilian music that he usually plays and more "musica de norte americana" for my taste. Caught opening night at the Blue Mamou. Jimmy's two new bands played to a packed house. There was the usual sound system problems associated with the first night. Both bands were comprised of young mexicans trying their best to play the blues (well Hendrix does have blues roots). One band is from Acapulco and the other from Morelia. There is some talent in both bands but neither is great. But, then again, they are young and learning.
For food I ate good tarritas at both the Casa Arcadia and at lili Cipriana on la isla Ixtapa, great pozole a couple of times at a couple of different places in "pozole alley". I also had some good enchiladas roja there. Three of them smothered in lettuce for $25 pesos. Just the right amount for me. As usual the best tamales ever at the Sunday night basketball court get together. Had some wonderful flan there too but I was so full from my tamale and it was so rich I did not finish it all. My best food find this year was the torta especial con todo ($15 pesos)(shredded pork, ham, cheese, tomatoe and pickled jalepenos) at a place next to where Canadian Larry lives in the hole in the fence. It is kitty corner from Tamale's Any, mid block across from a jugo stand. There is no name on the front but there were always several locals sitting there eating or waiting for their order.
My sister met me there about a week into my trip and will be there until Saturday. This was her first time and she is already making plans to return next year. I took her out fishing on my last day there but we got skunked. Doesen't happen often this time of year but it does happen.
Didn't ask the price of my hotel when I checked in but it turned out to be $15 US a night. Clean, safe and secure, two fans, three cots, sink, commode and shower. All that I needed for a night's sleep and my daily siesta.

I'll close with saying that I had a great time and followed very little of the well intentioned advice about what to do and where to go (except for some food tips) and had a great time and never felt insecure or at risk no matter the time of night or early morning I might have been wandering around.

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