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Escrito por ZihuaRob desde ( el día martes, 19 de diciembre, 2006 a las 23:13:04 horas :

En respuesta a: El Partenon being sold? escrito por Therese & Pedro desde ( el día martes, 19 de diciembre, 2006 a las 21:45:58 horas :

It hasn't been a rumor here for almost a year. For 4.5 million US bucks it's yours. No one's offered anything close to that, but if you're interested and you've got the bucks contact my mother, Judith Whitehead of Paradise Properties and I'm sure she could make it happen for you. (shameless plug)

On the other hand, the city is once again making a good case for having the property ceded to the municipal government, which would be the locally popular thing to do, and have it used for a mix of cultural and touristic functions with any funds generated going for local needs such as schools, clinics or roads (and hopefully not some public servant's personal needs).

Unfortunately, my guess is it'll sit there deteriorating for a good while longer as a decadently decaying monument to Mexican corruption, which it will forever be.

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