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Escrito por BW desde ( el día sábado, 02 de diciembre, 2006 a las 18:59:37 horas :

Well, we're trying to adjust to the cold after a wonderful three weeks in Zihua and Patzcuaro. Leaving Bellingham and overnighting in Seattle, I and family, which included a daughter (21) and her friend, mother-in-law and wife boarded Alaska #272 @ 06:30 to LAX and then on to Zih, arriving on time at 4:30. We were met by our good friend Antonio Diaz who had arranged a Suburban to our rented condo El Rayo Verde located above La Ropa beach. After settling in, taking in the fabulous view and relaxing a bit, we walked across the street to Restaurant La Escallera for a light dinner.

The next day the girls went to La Ropa beach as I went to Commercial Mexicana for food and beverage supplies. The day was spent adjusting to the heat, ejoying the beach and pool and the night was topped off by a wonderful meal prepared by the maid which consisted of fresh fish tacos, enchiladas, guacamole and pico de gallo.

Nov. 7 was spent downtown checking out the mercado and doing a bit of shopping by the girls. I prepared dinner from fresh items purchased at the mercado. The evening was spent on the balcony watching a fabulous lightning and thunder show.

Nov. 8 Up early for a much anticipated fishing trip on Whisky 2 with Captain Pepino and deckhands Carlos and Jose. The weather was still unsettled from the previous night's storm and the sea was quite rough which prompted a couple of the group to get a bit queasy. As the swells were about 10-12 feet a couple of the girls learned why they have buckets on boats. After about four hours we hooked and landed a large sail which put up quite a battle. Tagged and released. We headed back to the pier around noon as it was still rough and everyone had hung on long enough.

The next day the girls watched a turtle release on La Ropa Beach which was quite exciting. Took the bus to Ixtapa to look around. Lunch at Tamales in Ixtapa and dinner at the condo.

Went to Las Gatas the next day and spent the day at Otillias snorkeling, eating and having a good massage nearby. The snorkeling was good, the food fairly expensive, and the massage, although good, is given in an area between the back of a restaurant, public bathroom and the smells were a bit fragrant. Dinner @ Don Memo's which was only 510 pesos for five people, including drinks.

Nov.11 was moving day and we moved from El Rayo Verde to Playa Larga to stay at the always wonderul Casa Kau-Kan located right on the beach. There was going to be a wedding there so the place was buzzing with activity and many of the wedding guests were from Ireland and other parts of Europe. Dinner at the fabulous Kau-Kan restaurant overlooking Zihua Bay.

The following days were spent shopping, exploring more of Zihua, going to the basketball court on Sunday and generally hanging out at Casa Kau-Kan. Dinners were had at El Arbolito, Don Memo's and a special dinner of sockeye salmon at Casa Kau-Kan. My wife, daughter and her girlfriend took a horseback ride down the beach and spent the rest of the days nursing sore rears. My Mother -in-law, daughter and girlfriend left for home on the 15th and my brother and sister-in-law arrived on the incoming flight. Kinda like the changing of the guard. I'm now starting to feel like the tour director.

Nov. 16th -Chilled out at Casa Kau-Kan and picked up a Dodge Durango for our trip to Patzcuaro on the 17th.

Nov. 17th-Picked up our friend Antonio Diaz and headed north to Patzcuaro on the toll highway. The drive took about 3 and one-half hours including a couple of pit stops. Upon arriving in Patzcuaro I was again reminded how narrow the streets are and especially when one is driving a Durango. Found Casa La Encantada and checked in to the Terrace Suite which as beautiful as the hotel itself. I was very impressed with Casa La Encantada and the service there. It's centrally located, serves an excellent breakfast and provides heated bed covers which are needed due to the chilly nights.

Our time in Michoacan was spent touring the Patzcuaro mercado, watching the native dancers in Quiroga Square, travelling to Janitzio Island on Lake Patzcuaro with a very special short trip to the neighboring island named Yunuen where the local children greet you with fresh flowers and want nothing in return except your smile. On Sunday we visited Santa Clara Del Cobre to shop in the copper stores and of course left the town with some beautiful souvenirs and fewer pesos in my pocket. Monday was spent getting ready to return to Zihua before the large celebration began on Nov. 20 in honor of the Revolution.

If you go to Patzcuaro, I have information on good hotels and activities in and around the area and would be happy to e-mail info if requested.

Arrived back at Casa Kau-Kan on Playa Larga late Monday afternoon and returned the Hertz car to the airport. Evening was spent relaxing.

The following week was spent chilling out around Casa Kau-Kan and we went fishing once more on Whisky 2 with captain pepino. My brother caught and released one sailfish and I hooked a marlin which made about four incredibly high speed runs alongside the boat before throwing the hook. A great day on the water with an excellent captain and crew. Whisky Water World certainly runs a quality operation.

Another fabulous dinner was had at Kau-Kan restaurant and many meals were eaten at other establishments which included Don memo's, El Arbolito, Elvira's, Daniel's, Tamales and surprisingly enough an excellent Chinese restaurant located next to the laundromat between Ejido and Nicolas Bravo St. near Tamales and behind Banamex.

All in all, an excellent trip and I have lots of info on Casa Kau-Kan and many pictures if someone wants to e-mail me directly, I'll be happy to answer any questions and share photos.

Highly recommend El Rayo Verde as a condo and Casa Kau-Kan as one of the most beautiful and well staffed boutique hotels in the area.

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