Local songbird Coffee in Barra de Potosi - Mune's coffee

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Now here in Barra de Potosi you can get wonderfully rich, carefully chosen mixture of dark and light roast Songbird coffee (grown near Atoyac about 3 hours away up in the Sierras) - from Mune (you can find her at Casa del Encanto). You can have her grind some in our hand grinder or take it away in beans at $70 pesos a kilo.

Mune travels by bus for hours to arrive at Atoyac. She chooses the beans herself making sure there are no husks in the mix and breings the beans back on the bus in a costal. Then she puts the beans in little bags herself with her little son helping - ready for sale! Besides enjoying the highest quality organic, altura, shade grown songbird coffee, you can enjoy the pleasure of knowing you are helping a hardworking and brave woman test herself as an entrepreneur. Buy Mune's Coffee!!

Hasta pronto,

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