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Escrito por Russ desde ( el día lunes, 27 de noviembre, 2006 a las 08:28:35 horas :

After arriving & clearing immigration I went to the ground transportation booth and purchased a ticket on the SHUTTLE to Hotel Irma for $12 (All prices in this report will be in US dollars for your convenience)The TAXI, meanwhile, was $29 so that's an easy choice. Arrived at HOTEL IRMA in about 20 minutes where my room for the week was $58 per night for 3 nights and $68 per night for another 3. Rooms were basic, but clean and well kept. I stayed there last year as well and this is an excellent choice for the price. Two pools, restaurant and bar and great views of the bay as it sits high on a hill - the hill may be a consideration as it's a reasonably steep walk from the beach for the elderly or physically impared.

The next day I walked into town and caught a BUS to PETATLAN for $1.40. It's about a 45 minute ride south, the town has numerous gold and silver booths but to tell you the truth after looking at 5 or 6 places they all start to look the same. I picked up a pair of gold hoop earrings for my daughter or $18. There's also a large church there where pilgrims go to be cured of ailments; I witnessed one such person who walked on her knees all the way to the alter, a common practice.

Back on the bus heading back to Z, paying $1 to get off at LOS ACHOTES for the shuttle-pickup truck to the beach at BARRA DE POTOSI. Just before the beach you'll see "Casa Frida" on the right, a small hotel decorated with many prints and pictures by the famous artist, Frida Kahlo. This building is currently for sale for $385,000 if you are interested! Next door is "Betseyville" a large home recently profiled in "More" magazine. The beach has about 6 or 7 enramada's, oper air restaurants on the and, great inexpensive food, cold cerveza, and hammocks to relax in. After lunch and a dip in the ocean I rented a 2 person kayak for 1 hour to paddle throughout the peaceful lagoon. Cost $18. Bussed back to Z for $1.

In town there are lots of shops featuring bags of local organically grown coffee in 3 sizes and cost $3, $5, 8 per bag, beans or goround. Delicious and great gifts! Sea Salt, Vanilla and, of course, Tequila can be had at very good prices. Also locally made crafts such as wooden plates and bowls that are hand painted in various, colorful designs. Many shops with everything from T-shirts to beautiful, excellent quality womens clothing at "LUPITA'S".

RESTAURANTS; Where to start? A good place for the first night out is "Tamaleys Y Atoles Any", right in town with a large selection of delicious food and very reasonable. There must be a dozen places along the beach and one is as good as the next which means all are very good. Several good places on Calle Adelina, as well. My favorite in Z is "Kau Kan" though pricy by comparison but worth it for that "one night out"; their roof-top candle-lit dining area overlooking the bay is as romantic as it gets.

SNORKELING: Last year I taxi'd to Ixtapa and took the boat to Isle Ixtapa. This year I stayed "at home" and left from the pier in Z for $3 R/T boat to ISLA LAS GATAS, which I preferred.The beach is lined with enramadas offering table and chairs, umbrellas, food and beverages, all about the same. Fair snorkeling but good for the beginner.

Weather last week was about 88 every day. People were great, and I only have 354 days left before I return. I'm sure I left alot off this report but hopefully what I have mentioned will be of help to some of you. Enjoy Zihua! It truly is Paradise......Russ.

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