Trip to "Z" & "I"

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Escrito por Paul desde ( el día martes, 14 de noviembre, 2006 a las 22:21:59 horas :

We just got back home from 2 nights at "Z" staying at Owen Lee's Las Gatas Beach Club and 8 nights at Pacifica in "I". What a trip- a ticket in Chicago the day before we left after dropping off my wife to see her mother in the hospital. We went to Int terminal instead of United terminal. Plane was delayed an hour because the passenger list did not match the luggage- 3 bags had to be removed.
Got to Mexico City and our flight to "Z" had been cancelled. Had to go to 2 different Mexicana counters to catch the 4pm flight(the 3:50 had been changed- what a run around.) Got to "Z" after the water taxi's to Las Gatas Beach were closed- had to hire a boat for $20.00 for the 2 of us. There was no water the first night- pump was down & kitchen was closed for the season. Met Owen the next day- what a character and if you know his history is really interesting- he's writing a book "A PRISONER IN PARADISE" and read the first pre published editioned. We had a beautiful time there- reminds you of Gilligan's Island but we loved it. Could not believe the number of cruise ships coming into "Z"- we saw 3 in 4 days and they cause the taxi prices to go up (cost us 180 instead of 150p to Pacifica). Could not believe the improvements since April that have been made at Pacifica. We just love our view at the Master Sands with the coffee and rolls at 8:30am every morning. They have assigned 4 people that take care of the Master Sands guest. One pool was down for repairs so the new infinity pool under our unit had more people.
To see how they are taking care of the tortuga turtles letting them get a little bigger before they are released so they have a better chance of survival. Counting down till the last 2 weeks of next year in Nov we are celebrating our 10th wedding aniversity at Pacifica next year. Going home was messed up also- wife left a carry on bag in van from Pacifica (called them and had them bring our bag back to airport). Plane was an hr late leaving "Z". Alot of people missed ther connection in Mexico City. We were sent to main United Check in instead of at the International Gate for United. My wife lost our passports on the plane- they turned on the lights after the movie for people to check around their seat next to us- seems she forgot that she had stuck them in her pocket as we boarded. She found them when she stood up- she thought they had fallen out of her purse when she went to the toilet when we boarded. She missed them when we went to fill out our customs form- everyone laughed and clapped when she found them in her pocket. Can you believe on Oct 31 st everything started when 30 min before we left home our passports were missing. She found them an hr later in her makeup travel case later after we decided to get birth certificates on the way to Chicago because she missplaced them also. Hope next year is better.
Sorry about being long- very nerve racking but funny.

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