Trip Report 11/1-11/5

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Escrito por Jenni desde ( el día jueves, 09 de noviembre, 2006 a las 21:09:42 horas :

35 degrees when we left Milwaukee on Weds. morning. Our flight was on Continental –Milwaukee-Houston-Zihua. Nice quiet flight and Houston seemed easy to get thru. In Zihua by 2:30. Check in at the Hotel Irma was quick as always and so nice to see familiar smiling faces. We had requested a room near the pool on the 1st or 2nd floor and they did not disappoint us ! Room # 5 was on the 1st floor and you could walk out the patio door right to the pool. One extra “little” visitor in our room- a small tarantula, which the bell man quickly escorted out :) Spent the rest of the afternoon in the pool and just watching the view of the bay. Traditional first night dinner was molcajetes de camarones (sp?) at Bandidos. On the way we ran into Salvador, whom we have watched grow up. My husband likes to joke that we have bought a whole fleet of wooden ships from him over the years and enough stone animals for a zoo. He has a special place in our hearts, and we were excited to see him and to be able to bring him a Cabela’s cap, from the new Cabela’s store here in WI. We were very proud to hear he is in school for mathematics and also working 2 jobs. After dinner had to stop at Casa Arcadia for a beer with Rafael. Salvador and his new cap were almost famous by the time we got back. All were talking about Cabela’s and the fishing gear there.
Thursday morning , we were up early, and to La Casa Café for breakfast. So many decisions for a vacation….ended up trying a new item, the potatoes with chorizo and eggs, hotcakes for my husband and of course the awesome coffee. A quick walk into El Centro to cash in dollars for pesos and all the banks were closed. Duh…it was a holiday. So much for my theory of I always do fine just cashing $$$ in at the bank. Ended up at a cambio( 10.20), just cashing enough to make it thru the day and then back to the pool. In the evening we head out for Pozole dinner. We ended up at the Ricomar and it was very good. I tried horchata for the first time and think I am hooked! We ran into Lorna and Pedro from La Casa Café and she introduced us to agua de Jamaica. Again stopped in at Casa Arcadia for a couple of Sols and were able to watch a local dance troupe performing in front of the museum .
Friday morning, back to La Casa Café, chilquiles rojo for me with a glass of Jamaica. Back down to the bank and exchanged $$ at the Bancomer, no problems and a good rate at 10.69. Then onto a small adventure, we have rented the Villa Lupita for a trip in January and wanted to get an idea where it was. A call to the owner Eduardo, and he met us there, gave us a tour of the property and then took us up to his hotel, Villa de Morro for a tour of that as well. Both properties are wonderful and we cannot wait to get back. Eduardo was great, answering my many questions and giving suggestions as well. Back to the hotel to watch the jet boat races. Watching over the edge of the pool was perfect, we could view almost the whole course from there. Unfortunately the boat I picked, was out halfway thru. We decided to get out for an afternoon snack, and walked down the stairs to La Rana Rene. Fish tacos, quesadillas and a pitcher of lemonade hit the spot. Had drinks on the patio at the hotel at sunset, unfortunately did not have the opportunity to run into Jen and Chris. Dinner time and back to Ricomar, I could not get enough of the Pozole de puerco, my husband had the nachtamales and a pitcher of Jamaica. Again very good. I think I could eat here every night !
Saturday morning, my husband was up early to fish with Ale Vargas on the Esturion. I found myself up at 6 too. Not much going on that early. I watched the cruise ship come in-3rd day in a row- with disappointment. My plan had been for a shopping day. Back to La Casa Café for breakfast-do you see a pattern forming. French toast and of course Jamaica. Lorna was laughing that I really must like it. I told here I was trying to get as much as I could before I went home. She gave me the recipe and told me where to go in the Mercado (actually behind it) to buy what I needed. Dropped my laundry off at the lavanderia on La Boquita and went back for a dip in the pool. After cooling down, off to the Mercado. Was able to pick up a kilo bag of Jamaica, a shopping bag and some early x-mas gifts. Onto the pier to meet my husband. It is sad that they block ½ of the pier off for the cruise ship people. I am really hoping for fresh fish for dinner. No such luck. They caught one bonita which they then used for bate and a barracuda ate! They also ran into a long line, which they spent quite a bit of time pulling out. Still a great day being out on the water. Stopped at Casa Arcadia for afternoon snack, cold Sols, fish taco, guacamole and quesadillas. Went back for dinner- a fish fillet and a whole red snapper, very good as always.
Sunday morning and we have to go home :( Breakfast at La Casa Café-Lisa’s special. A quick dip in the pool and off we go to the airport. No problems going thru Houston, but man is that a hike from the gate to immigration!
77 more days and we’ll be back. They are forecasting snow here tomorrow night…..

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