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What a wonderful story. I have translated the first page for everyone to enjoy it. I will try to translate the second page as well.

Petatlán, Guerrero - "I come from a modern and capitalist world, but I fell in love with the rural communities of the Costa Grande. I can't say that I am from here, but I have a bond of love with this culture". The American Laura Kelly never imagined that the contact with the children of a small village in the state of Guerrero would become her principal weapon in her battle against death. Years after beginning her battle, her foreign nationality has not impeded her from becoming the driving force behind a series of beneficial actions for the community of Barra de Potosi.

Kelly arrived in Zihuatanejo in 1990, with the objective of recouperating, after subjecting herself to chemotherapy, caused by Linfoma de Hodgekin (?). With a weak immune system, her body was limited in fighting any type of sickness or infection. This sickness, according to American doctors, accounts for only 1 per cent of the cancer cases in this country.

After her treatment in San Francisco, the doctors told her that her chances of living were only 30%, for which she embarked on a restful vacation. With her death pronounced, the destination had planned for her a change of prospective towards her life. "I arrived in Zihuatanejo and I fell in love with a local man from the coast." After a short time, Kelly married Arnold Verbonen, after becoming captivated by the food and form of being of the man in charge of the restaurant Chez Arnoldo, in Ixtapa.

Recently married, she decided to return to California to continue her work as a private detective, which she had been doing since 1980, but the hustle and bustle of large American cities diminished her health again; besides, the yearning for the Costa Grande would lead her to situate her reside on Playa Las Gatas, a place that is only accessible by boat. There she lived with her husband for six years.

En 1997 she arrived in Barra de Potosi. Without hair and a permanent tiredness, her experience in this place transformed into fairytale, thanks to her contact with the children of this community which barely consisted of a hundred people. "The children live in another world, distinct of that of adults. I was delighted that they came to see me. They accompanied me and I read them stories: Little Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel. I do not like Disney World - I prefer the Grimm Brothers."

The place inspired her to undertake a number of actions in favour of the children of the community, some of which include building a library and founding a civil association to ensure the children a dignified future. Leaning against one of the hammocks in her hostal "Casa del Encanto", between a sigh showing her tiredness, she mentions a Spanish saying: "When one passes the effects of death, there are very strong reprecussions. There is always a goal, but sickness and death and very difficult things to overcome."

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