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Escrito por Dorado1 desde (?) el día viernes, 01 de septiembre, 2006 a las 20:07:13 horas :

En respuesta a: Late Report and a couple opinions. escrito por Tex2Mex desde ( el día viernes, 01 de septiembre, 2006 a las 18:19:16 horas :

you could make would be "buying a fishing boat" in ZIH. I got a long list of gringo friends that will attest to that fact. One bought a boat back in '99, fixed it up, came back 6 months later -- no boat, Capt. sold it, tackle & all. I won't mention the captain's name but it starts with B. but there are more than one of them. I think they reached some agreement cause the captain is still fishing and the friend works with another group of fishermen or did until the "Great travel agent coup of last November", that's another story.

I do have another friend that has a charter company on the Paseo and at least on the surface owns 2 boats.

All these people had & have all the paperwork, FM3's, permits, etc..

Costs: You probably heard you can get a panga for $10-12K, true, then you fix it up, put on a new engine, etc., want to charter it, ah, need a charter permit. If the permit didn't come with the boat (it didn't at $12K) you can't get one. No more are being issued for boats under 26', so you got to buy a boat with one, permit cost (last I heard) $13K plus a couple more K per year. Then you got tackle, etc.. Panga cost to charter ready around $30-35K. Oops, no FM3, panga has to belong to citizen, alas the captain now owns the panga. Oh, got to have a Mexican captain also.

Might as well build a house, pretty soon there will be a "gringo gulch" to the north, another to the south and a couple more just out of town. Besides another friend of mine builds them (he had 2 boats), another sells them.

I'm really not trying to discourage you. Sometimes things look easy and you find out too late that ain't the way it is in fact. You can bring in or buy here a private boat (still need a Mexican captain), moor it, fish it, etc.. I'm also sure there a a lot of pangeros or others that would love to have a patrone.

I hope "Brutus" isn't being done by Artes Marinas or the guys in DF, but I'm sure he is. That will wind up costing you also, about 3 times what you think it was going to be. Then you can sell it at a garage sale cause it won't be "your fish" but just one they did and DON'T let it get wet, cause it will fall apart. They may get around to delivering it in 9 months or so if you spend enough on phone calls trying to figure out where it is.

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