Late Report and a couple opinions.

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Escrito por Tex2Mex desde ( el día viernes, 01 de septiembre, 2006 a las 18:19:16 horas :

My wife and I stayed at the Villa Del Sol in room # BS-3 on July 9th thru the 14th. Upstairs room overlooking the beach and oh what a magnificent room and resort it is. Great service too.

Went fishing one morning on the Marea Azul with Capt. Bernie (Bernaldo). Got bushwhacked by a sail as soon as we got in the bluewater about 5 or 6 miles out. Man what a fish. 120 pounder and Capt. Bernie got most of the fight on video. We didn't know my digital camera had that capability so what a pleasant surprise. Caught an 85 pounder right behind that one and we were back on the docks by 10:00am....Brutus is being stuffed as we speak but I am a catch and release kind of guy most of the time.

Next morning Bernie brought a car and took us all around the area to include the old Church de Milagro and the old cemetary outside of town. Bernie brought some fresh Lobster and Shrimp and we came back we went to Potosi where he knows some folks at the end of the road by the river. Interesting place. Seems like all the tourist from Mexico City were down for the weekend. Lots of people on that end of the beach. Bernie cooked the food over a wood fire while the lady whose place it was made the fresh tortillas. Had some fresh Abalone so he made a little appetizer that was so good. Lobster and Shrimp Diablo, now thats good food.

I've seen some of the conversation about keeping Zihua a quaint village. Hope nobody hates when I say my wife and I are planning on a house there soon. I may buy one of the fishing boats in Zihua bay but still in the conversational stages right now.

But a little background. We had a house in Playa Del Carman that we sold when Playa got packed. Bought a nice place right on the beach across the jungle in Progreso. Sold that one when they completed the new cruise ship pier. Loved the people and food in Zihaua and if I get the boat then I will move there. My wife or I will most likely be there most of the time. I speak enough Spanish that with pointing I can get by and my wife speaks Spanish very well. She thinks she needs a couple months immersed to be fluent though. We own a successful Mexican restaurant in Texas for the last 15 years and have been so blessed that we can get away to travel.

I can promise all that if we do indeed get a house there that we will leave everything better when we leave than when we get there. We have so far and I would expect that to continue.......
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