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Escrito por Brandt Z. desde ( el día miércoles, 23 de agosto, 2006 a las 11:08:20 horas :

En respuesta a: Retirement questions about Zihua escrito por John Howells desde ( el día martes, 22 de agosto, 2006 a las 22:34:25 horas :

Having first visited Zihua in 1983 and having been to almost all of the retirement/second-home 'hotspots' in Mexico (as well as Costa Rica and Panama) I'd like to make a couple quick observations:
1) Zihua is unlikely to become a large year-round retirement area for at least three reasons:
a)lack of top-notch medical care (Rob's point). This is very high priority for retirees
b)climate- not coincidence that top retirement areas in Mexico (as opposed to second homes) are in areas with temperate climates
c)relative lack of cultural opportunities vis a vis other areas; PV and San Miguel for example

2) Zihua will see increasing second home demand for the following reasons:
a) relative value vis a vis PV and Cabo
b) relatively unspoiled; hard for some on this board to acknowledge but Zihua has probably changed the least in the past 20 years than almost any other major tourist area in Mexico.
c) air service- compared to Loreto Bay and Huatulco, two smaller and at least for now 'unspoiled' areas, ZIH is much easier to get to
d) proximity to Mexico City. There is a domestic demand for hotel rooms and, yes, second homes in Zihua/Ixtapa that has added to growth/development.

To date, Ixtapa has seen the larger- and less expensive- developments and Zihua has seen the more exclusive resorts and more expensive second homes. I don't see that changing.

In my opinion retirement/second home development is an intermediate issue for Zihua, the more immediate issue is cruise ship visitation as services catering to cruise ship day-trippers- as well as the day-trippers themselves- can quickly change the entire character of a town, especially a smaller town like Zihua. Example #1 is Cozumel, once a funky dive destination but now the #1 cruise ship stop in Mexico, if not the Caribbean, and unrecognizeable from 20- or even 10- years ago.

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