Trip Report - 1st time down and loved it!

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Escrito por 67mustang desde ( el día miércoles, 12 de julio, 2006 a las 13:06:02 horas :

Hey all. My wife and I were down there from June 21st thru 28th to celebrate our 20th anniversary. We are from Spokane, WA. It was our first time to Ixtapa/Zihua. We've been to Cabo a few times but we liked Zihua MUCH better.

We stayed at the Melia Azul all-inclusive. (I know, we were being prissy this time but the wife wanted to be pampered and damn it I obliged). The Melia is what it is, big and luxurious. Very friendly people, about 20 to 1 Mexican to Gringo. We went to Ixtapa Island 2 days since we liked it there so much. One day we had about a 30 yard stretch of cabanas all to our seleves. Great snorkeling there. We also went to Zihua two days and loved it there. We never set foot in Ixtapa, didn't see a reason to to the "urban" thing.

My highlight was fishing. Went on the Vamonos III with Captain Rueben. Great guy and I caught a 7 foot sailfish, it was awesome. We saw many porpoises and lots of giant sea turtles. You defintely know when you find the food chain. The sailfish was caught about 13 miles offshore. I thought I saw a giant two-headed turtle but when we got closer it was two turtles floating and humping. I suggested to my wife that we should "play" like turtles when we got back to the hotel.

I tried fishing from the rock pier where you catch the water taxis to Ixtapa Island but no luck. I had fun messing around with the local kids who were also fishing and I ended up giving them a bunch of tackle, hooks, lures, big bobbers, etc. I think I made a friend for life with one kid about 10 years old.

It was hot and humid and only rained for about 2 hours one day, just what we expected.

I will definitely go back for fishing and stay in Zihua.
Thanks for the info I got from this board befoer we went down. It helped alot.

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