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Since nobody else has reponded to your questions, I'll give it a try, although I don't have all the answers.
A. locat1on: Calle Eva Samano de Lopez Mateos. On Jared's map of the area, it's roughly between numbers 23 and 24. It's next to, or dang near next to, Bungalows Sotelo. It's the tallest building on the hill; taller even than the Yellow Monster which, incidentally, is also available for rent.
B. Not entirely sure what you mean by condos being unusual in Zihua. There are plenty, though most are located near La Ropa.
C. A few years ago we looked at a 1 bedroom condo for sale on the ground floor, but were not very impressed. My recollection is that there are about 5 floors in the building and that the pool is on the ground floor.
D. Don't know about "issues". Our place is about 100 yds closer to the canal and there's never been a problem with odors emanating from the there. In fact, crossing the footbridges I've never noticed any bad smells; only when that sewage pipe was leaking into it, and that was at the very end of the canal. I elect not to swim at Playa la Madera - I go to Las Gatas - but my partner in the Moster swims at La Madera regularly, as do many others, and has yet to be taken ill.
E. Dunno.
More general info - some of it even useful - can be found in my "First Timer Sheet", which is available upon request to the address above.

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