Trip Report Day 4 - 6

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Escrito por Chris desde ( el día viernes, 19 de mayo, 2006 a las 14:33:34 horas :

4/27 Las Palmas Dinner Hotel
4/27 to 4/29 am
I am going to consolidate these days in to one report since so much happened.
So when we got up and started to move, we wonder out to a wonderful breakfast fresh fruit and other great things cooked to order. From there each day we would hang buy the pool, walk the beach, play with the dogs. Pistolo would bark at me each morning to play catch, at this point I missed my dogs at home. Paloma was a sweet dog who truly enjoyed life on the beach. We flew the kite we packed, read many books we packed, and from the book collection at the hotel. We had guacamole every afternoon play games at the bar. Drank more beer, I wish they had Indio the only change I would have made. Dinner options were presented every night and there were many choices. They changed daily and always something from the ocean or the land.
The hotel had bikes we rode them in to town to hang on the beach. Had many beers, and great food with many good people. Took a cab back to the hotel afterwards since it was hot and we need a nap.
At this point we had decided that this is the best place I have ever stayed at on a beach. East coast, Florida, Texas, California, Lake Erie (I know does not count). We wished we had booked more time here but were unsure since it was our first trip to Zihu and thought La Ropa was the place to be.
Now the best part, rooms were $225 a night with tax, tip, and breakfast. This was not the most expensive place we had stayed but not the cheapest either. The hotel did not have menus with prices for dinner or drinks. It was our honeymoon and we did not care. So when it came time to check out we were afraid of the final bill. To our surprise 4 days and 3 nights of food and drink with tips, Was aprox $225, we were shocked so much we left an additional large tip on top of that. We had budgeted $400-$500 for the food and drink at this hotel.

Side note they did our landry for no charge.

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