Trip Report Day 2

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Escrito por Chris desde ( el día viernes, 19 de mayo, 2006 a las 10:51:10 horas :

4/25 Travel Zihu

So we wake up walk around the Zocalo, as we were headed back to the hotel we had a stranger approach us and offer help. I had worked in Mexico for 3 years and know itís a scam most of the time. After we tried to brush them man off he informed us he was there to help tourist and showed an id. So I though no harm in listening to him, turns out he was legit and was there to help. He informed us about the Palace, DF offices and other cool things in the area. Was very helpful, but disappointed we had only 1 hour left before we head back to the hotel. We went and view the Palace, with the murals, and the reading room. Was very impressed with the quick walk around trying to take as much in as we could in such a short time.
After the quick walk around we raced to the hotel to grab our bags and once again head to the Airport. This time it was very easy, American had changed the fare on our tickets to show a paid fare vrs a free ticket. We walked right up got out tickets then back to the waiting game. So we waited 1.5 hrs to find out what gate we were to head towards, once again we had to head in to the international terminal to catch our plane. As history has shown this flight was late. So after a 30 min late boarding we are on our way I love how boarding works in Latin American makes Southwest look Civilized. I love the mountains, it was neat to see all the orchards and stuff as we landed. Of course we walked off the plane, with our luggage skipped the green light once again. In to Taxi hell, obtain our cab and enjoy the drive to the hotel Brasis del Mar.
We check in for one night since we missed the first night. They were so kind after learning we were stuck in Mexico City they did not charge us for the first night. We were whisked away to room 107 and all I can say is I was WAY impressed. After freshening up we head to the bar for a well earned drink. To our surprise my cousin was sitting there having lunch. We then spend the next couple of hours drinking and playing in the ocean.
After a quick nap and up to the sunset bar to watch a wonderful wedding it was time for dinner. Off to Coconuts, good food expensive for what we had but none the less we were in paradise. We retried to the bar for a few drinks and we were off to bed. I had a 6:30 boat to catch.

Oh Yea I found out our friend almost missed his replacement flight 3 days latter because he decided to hit the bars in Austin hard again.

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