Threats from SnomaPete

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Escrito por ZihuaRob desde ( el día miércoles, 19 de abril, 2006 a las 00:32:04 horas :

I received a threatening e-mail today from the person who uses the screen name SnomaPete, a lawyer named Frederick F. Peterson in California. Part of the alleged threat is to reveal information about me that Mr. Peterson believes would harm me. Since there is no such information that would harm me because I have nothing to hide, and since the rest of his allegations about me are pure rubbish, I am reprinting his e-mail here for public record.

Since Mr. Peterson insists on making my life and my private affairs his business, allegedly to persecute and harass me, I will also publically let him know that a formal complaint will be filed with the proper U.S. and Mexican authorities. I will not tolerate threats or harassment.

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Mr. Whitehead –

I am communicating with you privately, and not via your board, in order to let you know that you do not intimidate, nor will you silence me. Neither will you intimidate my friends, or others who might need my help or protection from your persecution.

You personal behavior has been both disgusting and aberrant in the extreme, such that your adopted country will expel you and your former country will refuse to give you refuge – if and when that truth emerges. You cannot afford to have the truth come out. There are many in authority in Zihuatanejo who would celebrate your demise. There are many more here in the United States who consider your anti-American posturing to be indicative of an abandonment of your birthright, and an abdication of your duty to your country.

I know a great deal about you – including the details of your military service and your discharge from that service, your substance abuse history, and other matters that I will not go into here. You cannot afford a legal battle with me – in any sense of the word. Your threat to “sue for defamation” is laughable in the extreme – and we both know it.

Do not ask me for details as to what I know, how I know it, who else is privy to that information, or any of the rest. Your demand that I “apologize” to you is respectfully rejected. I think the truth about you should be told, and I have never apologized for telling the truth. I have helped incarcerate people like you, and will gladly do so again.

Hasta … Amigo

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